Fitness jargon (HIIT, TABATA, AMRAP) What does it all mean?

What is going on with all these abbreviations?  I'm sure fitness used to be go out and play a team sport, do some sprints, lift some weights. Whatever took your fancy, now we're being told to do HIIT for fat loss, do a circuit AMRAP style, do a TABATA workout. What the F*@K are these... Continue Reading →

Who’s excited for 2018

Just a small post really reflecting on the year coming to an end and the start of a new year. Obviously in reality its just another day, it will just be another Monday. However us humans like to have start and end points, so the start of a new calendar year is often our time... Continue Reading →

Training Split Ideas

Right then guys in my last post I was talking about getting into the gym as a newbie and what to expect. Link to that post will be at the end 👍. So I said last time I would go into a little bit more detail on training splits. The training split that is right... Continue Reading →

Liebster award

First of all thank you very much to blog for nominating me. There is the link to find out a little more about north left. So I had a little look into the Liebster award to find out exactly what it is, and like thenorthleft says there are a lot of different versions of rules... Continue Reading →

Get Your Motivation Back

OK then let’s face it sometimes life gets in the way of our fitness goals. It doesn’t have to but for a lot of us it does. Some things are out of our control, getting sick or getting injured. These are probably the most frustrating, because you’re not in control. They are unplanned events. Holidays,... Continue Reading →

Calories & Macros (the easy way)

First of all when we are talking about how many calories you should be consuming we are talking about YOU. You probably aren't going to be wanting the national average 2500 for a male and 2000 for a female. It all depends on your personal situation and goals. So chances are your not going to get... Continue Reading →

Y3T Awsome Workout

Hey everyone, probably for about four to five months now I have been doing Y3T workouts. Firstly let me say they are amazing. For me and my body they work incredibly. Basically I am an ectomorph, lean, small joints, low body fat and difficulty building muscle. This is why the Y3T style workout is so... Continue Reading →

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